Thursday, July 26, 2007

Assistants in New York

This evening I'm going to meet up with two soon to be English Language Assistants in France. We're meeting up because it will be fun to commiserate about the program, finding an apartment in a foreign country and all sorts of other things. It actually turns out that one of the ladies that I'm meeting was placed in Versailles which is not too far from Paris. So it will be nice to know at least one other person in my vicinity before moving out of the country.

We're heading to a little French Bistro in the East Village. While I've eaten at said bistro and the food is pretty good I must admit that I do not go there for the food. I go to flirt with the eye candy behind the bar. The cool thing about the eye candy is that his is French and is actually from the Paris suburb of Créteil. It should be an interesting evening.

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dw said...

Thanks for the congrats. Hope you have fun with the other assistants. I'm still anxiously awaiting my arrete. Apparently other people in my city have gotten theirs so now I get to start worrying and move slowly toward full-blown panic. Good times! :)
(And oh yeah... I'm not speaking of the exchange rate. I pretend it doesn't exist.)