Tuesday, July 17, 2007

In the Merde

Last week I returned from my summer vacation in Martha's Vineyard. In preparation for the almost 4 hour drive, 45 minute ferry ride and the endless hours relaxing on the beach I purchased Stephan Clarke's "A Year in the Merde". I intended to purchase this book when it was first published back in 2005 but I never actually got around to it.

Turns out that this book was so unbelievable funny, witty and insightful into the differences between American and French cultures I found it hard to put it down. I even caught myself laughing out loud during certain parts. Three days into my trip I had finished my book and was left with nothing to read during my lazy beach days.

A friend bought me the sequel "In the Merde for Love" and it too is riddled with laughs and insights similar to the first. I just hope that by reading Stephan Clarke's novel I'm able to avoid some of the blunders that Paul Wess faces during his first year in the merde.


dw said...

I wish I knew what schools I'd be posted at. All I know right now is the city, not the schools, so I haven't been able to contact them yet. I have yet to receive my official arrete de nomination.

Candi said...

I stumbled across your blog from the assistant's website. You should check out the 3rd book, it's called Talk to the Snail. Best of luck with your upcoming move here to France!!!

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