Thursday, July 19, 2007

We Have Contact

"I don't know" has become a very popular response of mine lately. I'm pretty sure my friends and family started to doubt my actually moving to France because I was unable to answer so many of their questions. Sometimes even when I knew the answer to a question I would respond with "I don't know" because I had gotten so accustomed to it.

Well today my friends, I finally have some answers and I can break the "I don't know" cycle.

I will be teaching 11 to 15 year olds at two collèges in the Paris suburbs. Collège Diderot in Aubervilliers and Collège Joliot in Pantin. Aubervilliers is 4.5 miles from the center of Paris and Pantin is even closer.

This also means that I can start researching places to live and maybe if I'm lucky I can even secure a place to live before leaving American soil (a girl can dream).

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Samantha said...

Ooo, so close to Paris, lucky you!

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