Thursday, September 13, 2007

I LOVE New York!!!!!!!!

Today I received an email from an English teacher from one of my schools. Maybe it was just my interpretation or maybe it really was her writing style but she seemed really excited to be writing to me and to have me as an assistant. She asked to know a little bit more about me so in my response I told her that I was a 30 something American from New York. The first sentence of her response was "I LOVE New York !!!!!!!!" There were literally 8 exclamation points. How cool is that? So much for the misconception that the French hate Americans. She mentioned that she was an assistant in Scotland 4 years ago so she knows what it's like. She also hinted at the fact that I may have Wednesdays off at one her particular school and she's work on a 3-4 day schedule for me...chouette!

Lastly, she told me that they have a place for me to stay temporarily for 250 euros/month. Why or why couldn't she have informed me this earlier? Albeit, he's a "a 25-26 year old crazy about football so you'll have to put up with that but it's SO french ;))." Had I stuck to my original plan of just arriving in Paris with no designated place to stay I would have save a couple of hundred euro. But no, I had to listen to the maternal unit and several friends that insisted that I find a place immediately so that I wasn't left homeless on the streets of Paris. Que sera sera right? It's only money. The good news is that I'll have an affordable place to stay should I not find permanent housing by October 1st.


Opal said...

Girlie!! Happy to see everything is coming together! When one of the teachers at one of my schools told me that there was already a little folder with stuff for me and my name on it I was beyond excited. The best part is that now I've made contact with the previous assistant and she's sent me like 6 emails of information. We only have 4 days and we are in Paris!!!! And only 2 meltdowns for me so far....not bad! Speak soon lady...Opie

joy suzanne said...

Have a fantastic trip and good luck with everything!!!

Destination Metz said...

that's awesome your contact person is really nice (and loves New Yorkers!). that's too bad about the accomodation but well, you weren't to know, and it's better to have a contingency plan than not. good luck! :)

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