Friday, October 19, 2007

An Act of Solidarity

Yesterday was like a snow day because I didn't have to go to school due to the manifestations. Since I have been staying with Amy for the past week we decided to set out and explore her neighborhood by foot. With her trusty map in hand, Amy and I decided to take Boulevard Voltaire and head north towards Republic just to check out the sites. Boy were we in for a surprise. As we approached Oberkampf we heard and saw some demonstrators and then I realized that the manifestations will be taking place at Republic. Not one to miss a good rally we proceeded on our merry way taking pictures and videos along the way.

So what I've learned from my experience yesterday is that even though the strike was primarily for the transit workers so many other groups were out protesting with them in an act of solidarity it was more a party atmosphere than anything else.

So without further ado I present you with some photos from the day.

Look ma Paris is on fire

This guy was kind enough to give me his poster but I won't post any pictures of me posing with it for fear of being deported

I don't think Sarkozy was much liked by the people protesting

A closer look

Party ova here the bar is on the back of the truck

The bank was also closed so much for checking the status of my wire transfer

Vive le hip hop


Roam2Rome said...

Wow... that's some solidarity!
I see what you mean about the party atmosphere, jammin' there to rap music :)
I love pics and videos! Takes us right there with you...

wcs said...

Great photos! Keep 'em coming!

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