Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Light

I really feel like I shouldn't be doing things like posting on my blog when I have more dire issues at hand such as finding (make that settling on) a place to live. But alas, I'll write a brief post.

As of this morning I have my finalized teaching schedule and it looks like from now until at least February I will have a 4 day weekend each and every week. That means I will only be teaching for 3 days a week. Do you know what that means? That's means it's party time! So if anyone wants to take a long weekend to travel and see different places, I'm your girl. If anyone wants to invite me to their country home, I'm also your girl. If anyone wants to do anything that involves fun, fun and more fun I'm also your girl.

As for now, this girl must find (settle on) an apartment.


Roam2Rome said...

Oh my goodness, I hope this week-end you find something! I'm feelin' it for you by now...

I knew Paris apartments were hard to find, but this sounds quite... scary! Getting to a new country is enough of an adventure, no one needs to be nearly homeless-ish on top of that!

You have nerves of steel! (give me the recipe :)

Ejote said...

Wow! Sounds like u r in 4 an adventure! How wonderful 4 u! Hey, it occurred to me that while Craigslist is kinda sketchy, have you checked out ? A friend of mine in Aix found her roommates through it. She is really pleased with the arrangements. Best 'o luck!
je te voeux un gros merde!

An Ex-ExPat said...

Sounds like you are in for an adventure! How fun! :)
I know craigslist can be kinda sketchy, have you cheked out yet for a place to live? A friend of mine in Aix found her roommates through it and is super pleased with the arrangements. She so lucked out. Best o' luck! Je te voeux un gros merde!

joy suzanne said...

Oooh, good luck. Where have you been staying?

joy suzanne said...

Hey, have you looked at Craig's list Paris?

Here's a section for rooms to rent and flatshares.

wcs said...

Ok, it's been a week. Are you totally wiped out from work, or are you desperately seeking shelter ?

le Mills said...

Etrangere Americaine, we must find specific times to chat because it is getting tricky to stay in touch..your texts are not going through, WTF!

jumping naughty minx...I am going to report you straight away. even though we were 3k miles a part before, it feels miserable not being able to just call :(

I love you and miss you terribly, and for god sakes, put some of your photography up! you are amazing and beautiful and the world should see...

Find a place yet? in the words of ali g "is it cuz u is american?" and they think you will be making freedom fries in the kitchen? LOL!

I look forward to visiting you ASAP, but 2 Americaine's on a park bench is worse than alas, I shall wait...oh wait, I am part Brit, does that count then? more LOL.

Out of all my deep sadness and nastalgia for you all i can do is LOL. are you annoyed yet?

Anonymous said...


You found a lot of ads to found your roomates at

Good luck !