Friday, March 7, 2008

Chartres: A Day Trip

Today I took a little day trip to Chartres with my friend Chi. My first thought upon seeing the cathedral was: "Wow that thing looks old." My second thought was: "Wow that thing is massive." And lastly, my final thought was: "It could surely use a cleaning." ;)

After exploring the cathedral for a while we decided to have some lunch at a little café across the street. Chi and I both ate onion soup and then shared a chicken sandwich.

Interesting "Wallpaper" in Restaurant

After eating we walked around the quaint medieval town taking in the sites and enjoying the treats. I ate the best macaroons (vanilla and lavender flavors) that I have ever eaten in France and I also had the worst maracroon (violet flavor) that I have ever eaten in France.





We visited the Stained Glass Museum and while it was an interesting site it definitely wasn't worth the 3€ they charged me. That's not to say that the works weren't interesting but they could have hooked a sista up with some more pieces to stimulate her senses.


rom said...

nice places

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Gracias rom :)