Friday, April 11, 2008

And So It Is

As of Wednesday my 7 month teaching contract has unofficially come to an end. Technically my contract is valid until April 30 but next week my schools will be testing thus no classes for me and after that is spring break. My last day was as uneventful as my first but I did have to fight back some tears as I left because believe it or not I really grew to like most of my students and I will miss them.

In other news the maternal unit is arriving in exactly 2 weeks and I'm not prepared at all for that visit. She'll be here for several weeks and I need to find creative ways to entertain her. If anyone has any suggestions on places we should visit in France or Europe please drop them in my comments box. Also, if anyone is willing to entertain her for me for a few days as well that would be greatly appreciated as well (I'd even be willing to pay a small fee). *

*Mom, I'm just kidding I would never pawn you off on the highest bidder. Actually, it depends on the price especially since my income was so low for the past 7 months.

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Susan said...

Hey there - just clicking blog to blog and ran across your post. I'm in Lille (north) and I LOVE Bruge, Belgium. My Mom is coming in June and we are going to spend a day or two there. Guess it's a bit far from Paris...but thought I would give you a shout out anyway!

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