Friday, May 16, 2008

Someone Please Call the Fashion Police

Normally, I think that French and European men are much better dressed than their American counterparts. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to ride the Paris métro and to not see every guy wearing Dockers khakis (a size or two too large) and a light blue button down shirt (again a size or two too large).

However, now that the weather is getting nicer in Paris I've witnessed a fashion crime far worse than the khaki and button down uniform of NYC men. A crime so bad that it can almost be called a crime against humanity. Ladies and gents, I'm referring to manpris which are cropped pants (capris) wore by men. The first offense, which pains me the most, was committed by a close friend and I initially shrugged it off. However, my eyes were assaulted yet again when I tried to pick up some groceries at the supermarché. French fellas, if any of you are reading this, just say no to manpris for the good of all.


Nicole J. Butler said...

I'm can only imagine. I'm still lobbying for men to pull their pants up so I can stop looking at their undies.

Was it as bad as this: ??

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

It wasn't THAT bad but it was close. Man ankles aren't sexy!! 'Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Hahahha! Great post.
After so many years in Europe I actually appreciate baggy pants on a man. There's something about a man in skin-tight shirts and fitted pants that turns me OFF.
I prefer the American look personally =)

Leesa said...

Hey J,

I have to say that my hub and I were talking about this the other day.... It's a Marseille style orginally, I think... I think the guys that can get away with them are hot young guys with nicely tanned and buffed out calves!!! That's about it!! In San Diego, these "manpris" pants are wore most exclusively by gay guys, who look kinda cute in them... because most of the gay guys I have seen wearing them are pretty cute... Otherwise, I share your views... Maybe we should start a Paris campaign- "Just say no to MAN-pris!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I saw the same thing this summer, when I was in Paris. My son's father, uncle AND grandfather all wore them and I was a little horrified. A couple times I had to refrain from laughing right out loud.