Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Today Paris Surprised Me

Today I went my bank to open a savings account because I'm officially rolling in the dough these days. Actually the previous comment is entirely untrue, I wanted to open a savings account to ensure that I put enough dough aside to pay my income tax bill when it arrives. Being the fiscally responsible person that I am I decided that it really doesn't get any better than a savings account setup with automatic transfers.

Alas, I digress. Those of you that have been reading my blog for a while are probably aware of my initial banking woes and if not you can read all about them here. So today during my lunch break I decided to head over to my bank to accomplish the impossible. I stand in line and 60 seconds later I'm speaking to the welcome agent and I tell the gentleman that I want to open a savings account. Because his English wasn't so great and my French is borderline horrible there was some initial confusion regarding my request. After we figured out my intentions he looked on the computer to determine the name of my specific banker. Several key strokes and one voila later he ascertained the name of my banker and tells me that shes not there at the moment. Bummer I thought to myself, my trek across town was completely in vain. Several seconds later he says to me, "Oh but I can open the account for you". Yippie I thought.

Less than 30 minutes later and after signing only two forms I was out of there and the proud owner of a savings account which yields 4% interest, has no additional monthly fees and I can withdraw the money at any time without penalty. As a bonus he set up online access to the new account and changed the cellphone number the bank had on file for me.

I walked out of the bank thinking this has got to be too good to be true and that something was definitely lost in translation. Only time will tell folks.


Justin said...

Wow that is great! Isn't it nice when France surprises you?

wcs said...

Well done!

And what does rvweqgxm have to do with anything? It's what I had to type to leave this comment.

Zhu said...

That was way too efficient and trouble-free. The bank must be American :D

Pigtown-Design said...

It took me ages to set up my UK bank account. I hadn't used it for ages, since I am back in the US. I had to call to check on something with the account the other day and it could not have been easier. I guess once they let you have an account, everything else is easy.

Oneika said...

haha! the reknowned slowness of the french bureaucracy...

i miss it!
love your blog by the way!

Leesa said...

Holy Molly Batman!

That's Great News, J!!!! Glad you got that over and done with in a painless fashion!!

See ya on Sunday!! -- We might be going to Aimee's at 12 sharp instead of later... Does that also work for you? Let me know via my email or a comment on my blog in case I forget to come back here and check!!!

David said...

Your savings account sounds normal, I don't think anything was lost in translation.