Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beer Budget, Vintage Champagne Tastes

On Saturday, in keeping with one of my New Year's promises to myself, I headed to Reims with two pals. Since I'm feeling kind of lazy (is it too late to blame it on a champagne hangover?) I'm going to spare you all the details of the trip. You can check out my travel buddies Juliet and Sarah's blogs for the full details.

The one unfortunate thing about my trip was that I discovered that I have a preference for vintage champagnes as opposed to the less expensive run of the mill variety.

Let the visits begin

The cave held about 25 million bottles of bubbly

1929 was a vintage year...go figure

I almost knocked over all of the bottles as I knelt down to take this photo

Only two of those Mumm glasses had my name on them

Thank goodness for the bottle cleaning process

We were only rewarded after we had climbed 161 steps to exit the cave

Our handsome reward

Reward ourselves we did to the tune of about 3 glasses each

And as a parting gift we rewarded ourselves even more with 2 bottles of Pommery Wintertime Blanc de Noirs each. It would have been more but a girl's only got two hands.


Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Vintage Champagne for EVERYONE!!!

au soleil levant said...

Ooooh, I loved doing the champagne tour in Reims! The vintage stuff was my favorite too.

The Franco Fille said...

Yay for champagne!

Leesa said...

Looks like fun!!!

g said...

oh, I envy you!!

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