Monday, April 6, 2009

On Internet Dating

Being sick this past weekend I was unable to accomplish a number of things that I had planned such as enjoying the sun, checking out a museum, etc. I ended up spending most of Sunday in bed watching CNN Europe. Out of sheer boredom, an impending birthday, and a lack of success on the dating front since moving to Paris I decided to join I had sworn off of online dating once and for all after my previous foray during my days in NYC but I thought what the heck I've got nothing to lose. New city, new site, new people non?

Almost immediately after signing up for the site I regretted my decision. While the response to my profile has been overwhelmingly positive which is a good thing and a nice ego boost I'm left questioning what their response is actually based on. As of today my profile is still incomplete and lacking a description so they aren't evaluating me based on personality. Additionally, for almost a full day I had no picture associated with my profile so they weren't evaluating me on that either. So what gives?

Then there's the issue that every time I log into the site profiles of men flash across the screen trying to initiate a chat, I've received a new email or flash (whatever that is). And it all kind of feels like vultures vs. prey to me.

Lastly, if I were somehow able to get past my first two issues with the site, there's the issue of paying which I just can't justify for many a reason. I'd much rather put that money use purchasing cocktails at my favorite bar and flirting with the much too young bartenders, treating myself to a nice birthday present or buying some new summer sandals.


Ksam said...

Dude, I agree 100%- save your money for drinks and shoes!

Ps. Hope you're feeling better now.

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Unfortunately it only gets more frustrating when you actually DO want to chat with one of said predators but can't because neither of you have actually paid.

I, personally, would like to leave some rotting animal parts hidden in the office of their CEO. But that's just me.

Flirting Real Time beats Meetic anyday.

Anait said...

ugh online dating is a nightmare. Besides, wouldn't you rather meet someone the old fashioned way ;)

spend that money on yourself, not on a website that will give you grief!!

good luck :)

BebeJardin said...
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BebeJardin said...

I think the Bold Soul met her husband on Meetic actually. But I think you have the right idea, use your money for things that enhance your life like great drinks and cute shoes! And if you change your mind and think it's a good idea, then trade in the shoes for an internet dude :)

Btw, Hope you're feeling better!

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

I am feeling much better thanks for asking.

Evo Revo: Your comment cracked me up. I didn't even realize the chat feature functioned that way.

Anait: I agree but it's been hard. I've managed to scare away all of the guys that I've been interested in here. Or maybe they were kidnapped by pirates, not sure.

Bebe: Quite a few folks in these parts met their partner online. I just know that based on my personality it's probably not the best means for me.

All: I'll be drinking and flirting away my sorrows tomorrow after work. :)

Helene said...

Just found your blog and came across this entry... I totally empathize. My 24 hours on meetic was a nightmare as well. However, I've been having a great time on (totally free, by the way!). Women run the show on this site; we get to objectify the man-products, and the selection is pretty good. I have had no success, but it's made for hilarious stories at least. It's been a while since I've been dating, and I definitely need to start practicing sometime, right? :)

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