Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take That Mud!

My comical friend YM likes to joke and say that Parisians prefer to dress in colors that resemble shades of mud e.g. grays, browns, blacks and muted greens. Her theory is that Parisians don't like to do laundry very often and by dressing in dull, muted and bland colors they can put off the tedious task of doing laundry for as long as possible. While I don't agree with her hypothesis I do agree with her original observation.

Which brings me to this morning as I was riding the metro. I looked down and noticed my shiny new Mellow Yellow shoes and came to the realization that their bright pink hue did not fit into the accepted Parisian color palette. So what did I do? I snapped a quick photo, smiled a devilish grin and realized that I loved them that much more in spite of this.


BebeJardin said...

Super cute shoes! I wish Spring would actually stay in NYC long enough for me to break out my bright colored kicks. I'm tired of wearing galoshes all week :(

Nicole J. Butler said...

So cute. I love shoes, and I love color! Can't go wrong with both at the same time.