Sunday, July 12, 2009

Velib' as a Guy Magnet? Guess Again...

Summertime in Paris is the perfect time use a Velib' to get to your destination within the city because one can avoid the stinky, crowded and too hot metros. Summer weekends are perfect as well because the streets of Paris are even more tranquil than usual with so many jetting out of town for the weekend. It's also great because you get a completely different perspective of the city one that you wouldn't get when taking other forms of transportation. And more often than not riding the Velibs throughout the city can be full of adventure.

Take for instance my brief trip yesterday to run some errands. I started out on the main boulevard near my apartment and made my way towards the Place de la Republic. While stopped at a red lightI turned around to see what two guys were yammering about and I found myself on the recieving end of an air kiss. Fast forward to the next intersection where I found myself on the recieving end of some crazy sound effects by the man that was crossing the street in front of me. Lastly, as I made my way back home and was parking the bike at the nearest Velib' stand a man approached me and I initially thought he was going to ask me for a cigarette or a light or even some spare change. But non, I was completely wrong, this man asked me if I would be interested in joining him at his place. I'll let you all guess what my response actually was.


Viajera said...

"Oui, monsieur. Eet vwould be my play-zure to bee your pleasure-whore, s'il vous plait". :D

Anonymous said...

I hope your reply was:

"Non Monsieur. Je ne suis pas ta mere.!!"