Wednesday, September 9, 2009

David Lynch at the Galeries Lafayette

Yesterday I went to the Galeries Lafayette with a colleague to do a little shopping. Unbeknownst to us the acclaimed American filmaker and visual artist, David Lynch was also set to make an appearance that evening as well. He was there to celebrate the 11 display windows that he designed around the theme "Machines, Women and Abstraction".

Upon leaving the store we saw his creations and we were both quite impressed with the creativity of the designs.

Unfortunately, we didn't stay long enough to get an actual sighting of David Lynch himself. But if you are so inclined the window displays will be available from now until October 4th if you care to check them out yourself.


Taller de Comunicacion said...

Thanks for the photos, here in Mexico just arrived the news about Lynch at Lafayette.
Greetings from Mexico City

Leesa said...

DL is one of my ALL TIME FAV directors... Just LOVE all of his weird films... Never got into Twin Peaks, but his films are all cult.... I'll check it out... Thanks for the FYI!