Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rats on a Train

Coming from New York I am used to seeing rats scurrying on the subway tracks while waiting for my train. As gross as it may be it's pretty commonplace and accepted by most subway riders. Occasionally, and a little less tolerable I have even seen large rats on the actual platform where straphangers wait for their train. In Paris instead of seeing large rats hanging out down by the tracks I'm more likely to see little mice instead which are not nearly as ugly or threatening as their NYC counterparts.

This morning however, everything changed and a barrier was crossed. As I sat enjoying my commute to work as best as I could just days back from my holiday I came face to face with none other than Ratatouille himself. He was perched on the shoulder of his owner oblivious to his surroundings. On the big screen Ratatouille came across adorable, endearing and talented but when confronted with him in person I was less impressed with his personality traits.

Throughout the ride I tried my best to maintain my composure and to pretend that there was nothing out of the ordinary going on around me. I even resisted the urge to change seats but I think that was more so out of fear of not being able to find another one. I did however break down completely into a fit of laughter after witnessing another passenger completely freak out when she saw the giant rodent perched on the shoulder of the passenger standing next to her.


Lenox Ave said...

There are rats and then there are rats. I've had 2 cousins and a roomie have them as pets. Not the I live off of sewage and garbage in the streets, but bought from the store.

I got used to them, but can understand how disconcerting it would be for someone to see one perched on a human in the subway. :-)

wcs said...

Ride the subway long enough and you will see everything!

Animesh said...

I've had it with these m***f&@king rats on this m***f&@king train!
/ someone had to say this


L'Étrangère Americaine said...

@Lenox Ave it's just not something that you expect to see. I could only imagine how I would have felt if I was enjoying my morning coffee at the time.

@Animesh you are so the last person that I would have expected that comment from. I love it.

jonnifer said...

OMG that is adorable. I love rats. I wouldn't bring one on the train though because I'd be afraid someone would hurt it.

misplaced texan said...

OMG, I had to be sure that that comment was from Animesh and not from Guillaume. LOL!! As much as I loved Ratatouille, I've never met a rat I liked and I doubt I ever will. That would've freaked me out, too.

Jim Roderick said...

His name is Remy. The movie title is Ratatouille. Get it right before you write in a public arena.

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