Monday, October 19, 2009

The Big Chill

During the winter I tend to sleep with the window cracked open a bit because I cannot sleep with stifling heat. However, someone has been sleeping on the job and they have yet to turn the heat on in my building and for the past couple of days it's been colder in my apartment than it has been outside. I've even resorted to pre-heating my clothing in my little convection oven for some added warmth. When I arrived home from work this evening I saw the lovely sign below taped to the wall in between the elevators.

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Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

So glad someone stepped up for the building! How is the gaurdian not COLD? Unless his COLD HEART makes him resistant to the weather????

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Dude the guardienne just had a baby and is still living in the cold cold building with me so I really don't understand it.

Maybe that's why I always hear the baby crying all the time.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

I hope the temperature of the building to be fixed soon!!

Touring in Brittany said...

Poor you ! Don't believe, please that French people do not know about heating !
or come to my place (brittany though !) and you'll see !

Frenchy chick said...

HAHAHA life in an appartment...was the story of my life.
Come see my blog!
Gros bisous.

Anonymous said...

that sign is hilarious! sorry you had to deal with this!!!! :(