Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dubai, Oh My!

One of my unofficial New Year's resolutions is "do more, think less". This may not sound like the best motto to live by for some but for me it's a truly useful reminder to not get all caught up in the constant analysis, processing and what if scenarios that tend to cloud my judgment and paralyze my decision making when it comes to experiencing certain things in life.

So do more, think less is exactly what I did when an opportunity presented itself for me to travel to Dubai. The old me upon considering the situation; alone, to an unfamiliar region, to visit a guy that I had only met once, would have never even considered it a possibility let alone been able to board an airplane. The new me however, looked up ticket prices, run a quick cost benefit analysis and was on my way. Life is all about experiences is what I keep reminding myself.

As for my trip, it couldn't have been better and all of the fears of the old me were for naught. My host was absolutely amazing, kind and generous and I can't possibly thank him enough for welcoming me into his lovely home. Dubai doesn't have the charm that old European cities like Paris and Rome have and I was initially put off by the somewhat its Vegas-esque, faux feel. Even though there were quite a few things that I didn't like about Dubai I have to admit that it is quite impressive what they were able to build and accomplish there in the middle of a desert. Whether or not it's sustainable is yet to be seen.


Touring in brittany said...

You'll tell us about the huge building they finished ??? and about their conscious of climate changes !!! it will be a really interesting trip, that's for sure !

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

We need more pictures! C'mon! ;)

Glad to see you blogging again miss. Keep at it! (Do more, think less, remember?!)

rhonalala said...

Dubai looked nice but I have heard over and over that it is not that great. However, I LOVE your new attitude of living in the now. There is no other way to be.

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Touring in brittany - the Burj Khalifa is built and an impressive building but I didn't go to the observation deck. I was just reading yesterday that it has since closed indefinitely.

rhonalala - it's a place to visit and I love to travel. If I didn't have a friend living there it wouldn't have been at the top of my list of places to visit.