Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Pulse Check #3

Days til Paris: 28

I'm moving to France for a job opportunity but that idea hasn't quite synthesized in my mind just yet. In my mind I'm moving to France for an 8 month paid vacation. I have a feeling that this is not the right attitude.

In other news, I'm all caught up on my medical and dental checkups. Good news is I'm in perfect health
(I still have one outstanding appointment this Monday) and I have no cavities. Even better news is that I'll be covered under France's socialized healthcare system as soon as I start working. Bad news is I'll be among the uninsured when I return home to the US.

Score: France 1 US 0


Anonymous said...

Speaking of health insurance, I saw Michael Moore's 'Sicko' just the other day. I was utterly horrified. Take advantage of the French healthcare while you can and let's hope Hilary or Obama will bring about much needed reform (although I can't see it happening, pharmacutical lobbyists and companies have too much power). Australia has kind of a half and half system, we're well on the wa y to following the US. It is bloody scary.

Zannah said...

Two thoughts: first, you really *are* moving for a paid vacation (only 7 months of getting paid, though); last year, I only taught (and the teaching is easy!) two days a week... getting paid to have a 5-day weekend every single week sounds like a vacation to me.

Second, insurance-wise, you actually aren't covered for the first three months. Not a huge deal... just a heads up.