Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to Lose 10lbs in Two Weeks

1. Move to Paris on limited budget with low income
2. Walk all over the city in search of affordable housing
3. Forget to eat during the day
4. Get home late realizing that you have forgotten to eat all day
5. Pass out due to exhaustion
6. Repeat

The above steps can be summarized by the following:
Become a English Teaching Assistant in France placed in the Paris-Versailles-Creteil academie.

Because of my sheer desperation I'm considering calling this guy.

I owe you, my dear readers a detailed post about what I have been up to for the past 10 days or so but I just haven't gotten around to it. I also have some pictures that I would like to share but my sheer exhaustion and focus on finding housing prevents me from doing so at this time. Stay tuned.


nicole said...

well go get a crepe right now then! you deserve it. and good luck...

Anonymous said...

Post when you can, sounds horrendeous :( I hope at least you're not getting rained on when you're running all over town.

Ejote said...

If your desperate, cold and in the 8th, a hot, cheap and semi decent lunch can be had in the cave under the Madeline! Bon courage.
An Ex-Expat.

Farfallina said...

Yes, let's a bunch of us go for crepes and lots of red wine!

What housing woes! I have a feeling the same is coming to me, Rome isn't better in this area...