Monday, November 19, 2007

La Poste Ate My Care Package

My dear (read crazy) mother sent me a care package from New York on November 3rd. According to said package arrived in France on November 7th and has yet to make its way to my doorstep.

The contents of said package include:

1 cozy Black Dog sweatshirt from Martha's Vineyard
3 packs of Orbit gum
3 sticks of Dove Invisible Solid deodorant
2 black belts
2 toe separators
1 copy of Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik
1 copy of Better Reading French : A Reader and Guide to Improving Your Understanding of Written French by Annie Hemingway

Now I have no idea why the French government would be holding my package hostage or why they think it contains contraband. Maybe there is an obscure law about importing deodorant or wearing deodorant on the Paris metro for that matter (as an aside le trafic des trains reste perturbé for yet another day).

When I went to the post office to try to track my package the woman helping me told me that it wasn't yet in the system and had not arrived yet. I tried to convince her that it did in fact arrive in France weeks ago but she wasn't having any of it. When I asked if it was possible for me to call customs to try locate the package her response to me was "there's nothing I can do, you'll just have to wait."

And so I'm waiting. In the meantime I'll just freeze in my apartment because I cannot control the heat and I have no warm clothes. I'll also continue to use the nasty licorice toothpaste that I purchased at my local super marché.


IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Oh BOY!!! I am bummed for you but still hoping that your package arrives to you soon... That kind of thing has happened to me before, too.... I think that it is sitting somewhere and will arrive shortly!! I am thinking positively!!
Take care, Leese

PS... As soon as this AWFUL strikes ends, I will arrange a day with movie and Starbucks... with expat friends!

French for a While said...

No fair..we don't have Starbucks yet in the South of France.
L' in-laws just decided to come visit since the car packages take so long.

Melbourne to Metz said...

The French post is soooo slow. It takes about a month and a half for most packages to reach me..

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

My package came yesterday and it was like Christmas :)

It only took 14 extra days to get here.

eclat said...

Hey, I should point out, and God forbid that this is the case, but La Poste has an uncanny habit of stealing. It's rampant. I use UPS or better yet, FedEx for my mail needs. And Chronopost is a nightmare. I'd stay away from them if you need to ship anything.

I know of too many expats that have complained of theft via LaPoste (once the package is actually turned over to France), so I don't even use all. Not for packages, or for anything valuable or of importance. :0l

sognatrice said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the French postal service rivals the Italian postal service in inefficiency, ransom-holding of packages, and perhaps even theft.

My condolences, although I still hold out hope that you'll get the package eventually. I'm waiting on a few as well here, so I gotta believe!

Rose said...

Paris to the Moon was a very good read. I hope you enjoy it. Just as a note - Adam Gopnik used to or still does write for the NY Times, so expect that flavor of American perspective on France.

Ahhh care packages!! They're the best.

And hello, my name is Rose and I read your blog.

IslandGirl4Ever2 said...

Oh THANK GOD!!! I was just checking back on this post to see if you received it!! So... I BET you're chewing that Orbit gum as I write!! Heheheh.. I have a friend leaving for the US and asked her to pick up 4 packs of Orbit gum for me.. You reminded me that I don't care to much for the HARD chicklet shaped French chewing gum... Enjoy your goodies!!
---bizzz, Leesa

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Leesa can I just say that all I've been eating is Orbit gum for the past 4 days? Mom was great and sent 24 packs :).

I'll pick some up for you when I head home in December if you tell me your favorite flavors.

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

eclat before I left NY I sent myself a package via USPS Priority Mail and it arrived safe and sound in a timely manner. Based on that experience I thought La Poste could be trusted but I guess not :(

Thanks for the heads up!

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