Saturday, May 24, 2008

French is Still Challenging

Below is a summarized conversation that I have with a friend of mine a few days ago who is visiting Paris. Mind you I first met this friend while studying French at the Alliance Française in New York City several years ago.

Friend from NY: So we're in town and settled into our hotel.
Me: Oh, so where are you staying?
Friend from NY: We're staying near Montparnasse.
Me: Oh, so you're near the Denfert Rochereau métro stop?
Friend from NY: You're telling me that you've been in Paris this long and that's the best you can do with your pronunciation.
Me: Uhm, yes? For the record I plan to kick your ass when we meet up.


Leesa said...

That's a riot!! Did you say, DenferT RochERreau or did you say- Denferrrrrr Roche-reau?? Just trying to visualize your pronunciation!! Hehehehe... Hope you have a good Sunday!! Are you free on Thursday? I'm free at around 1 pm or so - around 4 pm if you are around..

Pigtown-Design said...

Great blog... I moved from the States to Wales and never did get the language down! Of course, most people spoke english of a sort. I was in Paris every three weeks for a project, so got to know it quite well.