Friday, May 30, 2008

Surprise Surprise

On Wednesday I decided to use my return ticket to fly to New York City to surprise my family especially my sister. Normally, it's incredibly hard for me to keep secrets but because I decided at the absolute last minute I was able to pull it off. The reaction on my sister's face when she saw me was totally priceless. I'll be in town for about two weeks and then back to Paris for me. I've got one more surprise to pull off on Sunday and hopefully it's as good as the first.

I spent the day pampering myself getting my hair done with my mom, pedicure, shopping and massage. No, I didn't win the lottery I just thought it would be nice to take advantage of the weak dollar. I also hand delivered my application for the FACC program and was able to meet the person that would be handling my case on the US end. So now my fingers are crossed and hopefully everything will be wrapped up in 5 weeks or less.


Jennie said...

Aww I've wanted to surprise my mom by just showing up to her house in Michigan someday... Don't know if I'll be able to afford it anytime soon though!

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Jennie it was truly priceless because my sister had a hard day at work and she just couldn't believe her eyes when she saw me.
Who knows what may happen, maybe you'll be able to afford it sooner than you think.

Leesa said...

Hmmmmmm.... guess your NOT coming to see Sex in The City with us next week, then!!! hahah... I am sure will see it there in the Big Apple!! Enjoy your time with family... Ohhh.. What I would give to fly over there now just to get my hair and nails done!! And I did that in April/May in San Diego... It's just NEVER enough... Go girl and pamper yourself.. Esp. with the dollar being soo low now!! I would have LOVED to see the look in your sister/mom's eyes.. PRICELESS!!! Have a great time and we'll keep our fingers and toes crossed for ALL to work out for you and the job!! We'll catch up in June.... Leese :)

Leesa said...

P.S. Alex says, "Bonjour."

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