Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A Love Letter (Of Sorts) to Paris

Dear Paris,

I didn't want to leave you this morning and obviously you didn't want me to leave either or else you wouldn't have let someone aggressively assault a train conductre on the RER A line as I was trying to make my way to the airport. Paris, like a bratty child, you challenge me like a distant lover you try to push me away. I'm not having any of it, my love for you runs deep and there is almost nothing you can do to push me away forever.

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Leesa said...

WELCOME BACK... and good luck on your first day at work.. Leesa

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Thanks Leesa I owe you a call and I owe my readers an update but I've just been pooped.

Leesa said...

Hey J....

Got your message today! Thanks... I was at the gym earlier today- My legs are SOOOOO sore I can't even bend them or walk down stairs!! Anyhow.. hope you are enjoying your new job.. Can't wait to hear about it!! Are you available on Sat around 2:30 pm?? We're meeting at the Starbucks on Bld des Capucines - near the opera house... Metro close by is Opera.. Let me know if you are avail... Take care, Leese

Zhu said...

Funny, it's usually the other way around for me. When I'm in France there are always strikes and on my way to CDG, the train runs smoothly and of course, I'm on time.

I guess France didn't want me!

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