Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Like most foreigners that dream of moving to France I was enticed by the idea of "free" health care, 1.5 hour lunches, a 35 hour work week and 5 weeks vacation. Well it turns out that I don't get a 35 hour work week because of my job category and my colleagues don't really indulge in 1.5 hour lunches. However, there was one pleasant surprise that no one ever mentioned to me and it's the concept of RTT (Reduction du temps de travail). Basically, because we don't adhere to 35 hour work weeks at the firm we are entitled to an extra 10-11 days off during the year. And for all you math whizzes that adds up to 7 weeks of paid vacation per year. Holla.

In other news it took precisely 1 month of working with my French colleagues before any of the decided to invite me to lunch. Go figure.


Lulu said...

Thanks for letting me know. I'm currently looking for jobs in Paris you see :)

Aychu said...
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Aychu said...

hello !
As long as the holidays are concerned, try working in a bank and you will see that your 5 weeks will turn out to be 8 weeks !!
As far as the RTT are concerned, it seems that the government has decided like 2 months ago that it is going to disapear. Sarkozy is trying to make of this place more "libérale" ... "Travailler plus pour gagner plus" ... turning out to be .. "work more, get paid the same" !!

Anywho ... For the lunch part, I don't think it is a matter of Frenchies mentality ... it is rather a Parisienne one ...
"Je n'aime rien, je suis parisien !" really suits this situation !!

Good luck in Paris!