Friday, August 15, 2008

Velibing Here, There and Everywhere

Before I left Paris to get my visa in early July I send off my paperwork for a 1 year subscription to the Paris Velib' service. My thinking was that I would have my subscription waiting for me when I got back to Paris and I'd be velibing here, there and everywhere. Well it turns out that I'm lacking a few brain cells and it occurred to me that I failed to sign my check which explained why my Velib' subscription was never activated. Once I realized the error of my ways I sent off another application and included a signed check this time.

Several days later I get a letter confirming my subscription and once again I'm ready to go velibing here, there and everywhere. Well, not so fast. It turned out that my Navigo pass was never associated to my Velib' account for some reason and I couldn't figure out why. I went to the website several times to update it to no avail. Finally after several weeks of a non functioning Navigo pass I figured out the problem. Instead of providing my actual Navigo pass number located on the back of the card I provided the folks at Velib' with my Navigo client number. Honest mistake really because the client number is written in black bold print on the front of the card and the pass number is imprinted on the back of the card nearly invisible to the naked eye.

So today for the first time I was able to take a Velib' using my Navigo without any hassle and I rode a bike home from spending a lovely afternoon with friends in Montparnasse. I managed to not die which is a pretty big accomplishment. I just have to remember to not wear a dress the next time I decide to take a Velib' because thanks to the wind I think quit a few people got a free show.

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