Saturday, January 3, 2009

Les Suppositoires

Today I feel like I swallowed a box of razor blades and they are stuck in the back of my throat. Most of the day I've been tending to my ills by taking some throat lozenges, Advil, emergen-c, zicam and oscillococcinum. By this evening I wasn't feeling much better and decided to take a trip to my local pharmacy to see if there was anything stronger that they could recommend as I didn't want another sleepless night. I enlisted the help of a French speaking friend because of my past experiences at the pharmacy.

I wasn't paying much attention to what the pharmacist was saying because my head was pounding and my throat was aching and I figured that my friend had the situation under control. But then the pharmacist said something that made me perk up and pay attention. He said "suppositoire" which is the French for suppository and that was my cue chime in and I began to shake my head adamantly in disagreement. Apparently, the pain medication in suppository form is a lot more effective than the tablets. But the way I see it, I've been sick all day, the ineffective pills have got to be better than nothing right? Just say no to unnecessary suppositories.


Amy said...

Happy New Year! Your first post of the year made me laugh! I hope you feel better soon. Get some good rest and lots of liquids...and I can send you some medicinal spices that will surely do the trick if you're not better soon. Et je suis d'accord avec ta derniere phrase!

Justin said...

I agree, JUST SAY NO!

I hope you feel better soon... I had a bad sore throat and the oncoming of what I thought to be an infection but my kick butt immune system kicked its butt and I am feeling better today. Just in time to hope on the plane and catch a ton more germs.

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Amy happy new year to you too. Glad I could make you laugh.

Justin, you're a lucky duck to have recovered from your sore throat so quickly. I went to the dr. today bc I'm still sick and she prescribed rest and pain killers. If I don't feel better soon I might lose it.

Ken Broadhurst said...

Try the suppos. If nothing else is working, what do you have to lose? Some kind of American pride? Get serious.

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

It's more about preference than anything else let alone American pride. I hated getting my temperatre taken as a kid and as an adult with free choice I will always take a pill over a suppository when given the option any day. If it's the same medicine and same dosage I'll wait the exyltea 10-15 minutes for the meds to kick in.

Ducky said...

Why the heck did you pay 70€ for a general practictioner? The regular price is 22€!

Ah, the French suppos... wait until you try the eucalyptus-bismuth ones for throat ache.