Saturday, January 17, 2009


I am extremely grateful for the friends that I've made here in Paris. My social life in general is more active than it's been than my days living in New York. I go to Friday night drinks with the expat gang most Fridays, I go to the jazz jam sessions on most Sunday evenings in between my week is filled with movie dates, dinners and dancing and I really enjoy it. However, most of those activities are usually planned and there's nothing wrong with that but I feel like my friendships here in Paris are missing a bit of spontaneity.

In NYC, I would call up my friends Dave or Robin and ask them if they'd like to join me for brunch and in an hour or two we'd be at our favorite brunch place in Manhattan taking in the scene, enjoying the food and each other's company. I mention all of this because I'm planning a brunch next Sunday which I'm certain will be a great time but it just got me thinking about how I used to do brunch in the past.

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Leesa said...

Well, I agree! But for me, it's a bit different cuz I live so far away from you guys!! That's why I have to plan stuff in advance... When I lived in San Diego, I would just call up friends on a spur and say, let's go see a movie, or let's go have a coffee... or whatnot.. Usually, though.. I went on my own, without calling anyone.. b/c if I went to my regular hang out spots- Peets coffee or Cafe' Italia.. there'd always be someone there that I knew... Or, I'd see everyone at the gym and we'd go for something after yoga or spin class...
While I DO miss the spontaniety... too.. my events here are all planned in advance... esp. since I work so much now and my time is much more limited..
I look forward to next week.. Thanks for planning it... Sounds like fun!

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