Sunday, May 17, 2009

Outgrowing Paris?

When I first moved to Paris I used to revel in the idea of running into someone I know par hazard within the city limits. It felt like a sign that I had arrived and was building a network of people I knew, experiencing the city and making new friends along the way.

After almost two years here there are of course some people that you would rather forget or prefer not to see randomly by chance in the city such as your former fling when you most definitely didn't bring you A game, or the shock of seeing your friend's boyfriend with someone other than his girlfriend, or random people that you've met at parties that you'd much prefer to forget. These encounters, which all occurred to me over the past four days have me reflecting on just how freaking small this city actually is.

I guess that's a sure sign that it's time to get outta dodge for a few days and visit An American in Bourgoogne when this short 3-day work week is over.


Justin said...

Hooray for visits to come and see me! I promise you will not run in to anyone your know from Paris while you are here... well except for those coming with you... an seriously, your friend's boyfriend out with another girl? awkward!

Opalintheskywithdiamonds said...

Yikes the boyfriend with another??!! skanky!! hope to see you tonight before your Real Paris part 3 adventure:) gros bis