Saturday, August 29, 2009

They Got Me Covered

My trip to Greece is in exactly two weeks and it feels like I've been planning the adventure for ages. With the maternal unite in tow we will explore mainland Greece and the islands of Santorini for 10 days. Hopefully we don't kill each other.

However, just in case I fall ill or suffer some freakish accident I took a precaution and applied for the European Health Insurance Card or the carte européenne d’assurance maladie as it's called in France. According to the European Commission website:

The card ensures that you will get the same access to public sector health care (e.g. a doctor, a pharmacy, a hospital or a health care centre) as nationals of the country you are visiting. If you have to receive medical attention in a country that charges for health care, you will be reimbursed either immediately, or after you go home to your own country. The idea is that you are given the care you need to allow you to continue with your stay.

That good news for a hypocondriac like myself. I easily applied for the card by submitting a request on the Assurance Maladie website and two weeks later I found the little blue card in my mailbox. The card is valid for one year and will cover me during any visits (personal or business) to any EU countries and a few others. So paying the pied piper isn't so bad afterall and actually has some benefits.


Jennie said...

I love having that card. it makes me feel so much better knowing that healthcare is available to me in several countries even when I'm just a tourist. Go EU!

Autolycus said...

Don't forget, though, that it covers what the other country offers its own citizens, not what you'd get at home. You may find charges that you don't expect - and it won't cover things like emergency repatriation, so it still pays to get travel insurance.

rhonalala said...

We have something very similar here in Canada and it is such a comfort when you travel. Have fun in Greece.

Evolutionary Revolutionary said...

Dear Autolycus,

what a killjoy!

love, a fan of the EU.

Eli said...

have a great time - been years since I island-hopped but its a wonderful way to travel.

I too have a card (must remember to check when it expires!) but also annual travel insurance.

You have probably already done your homework but here is a link to a site that I find useful for what is and what is not covered



L'Étrangère Americaine said...

@Jennie seriously the EU rocks.

@Autocycus thanks for the tip. I will try my hardest not to get too seriously injured or die so as to require travel insurance :) or maybe I'll just look into a policy as they are generally reasonably priced.

@Eli thanks for that helpful link.

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