Saturday, August 4, 2007

Apple Store = Chaos

Yesterday I went to the Apple Store on 5th Avenue to purchase the World Travel Adapter Kit for Sophia, my MacBook Pro because I didn't want anything bad to happen to her while she kept me company on my sojourn in Paris.

However, moments after stepping inside of the store I had a moment where I said to myself, "self, you should have known better". I've been to this particular Apple Store in the past and the one in SoHo and it's just sheer and utter chaos. I should have known that venturing into the store after the release of the iPhone was going to be a nightmare.

There were people all over the place, music blaring and really no one there to help me out. I can appreciate Apple's concept in wanting shoppers to experience their products with all senses but enough is enough. I prefer a much more serene shopping experience. It's as if the shopping experience at an Apple Store is the complete antithesis of purchasing an Apple product. The only saving grace from the whole experience was not having to stand in the long line at the register. I was able to purchase my adapter by an associate on the floor that had a mini computer and was able to complete my purchase.

I hereby make a mental note to myself, "self, never again, never again, that's why the internet and e-commerce were created."


Anonymous said...

I love APPLE! I've had my world traveler set for a few years now but unfortunately have only got around to testing Europe's plug (and USA bien sûr!)

Anonymous said...

sounds horrible! buy it online!

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

I love Apple products. I love Sophia and Red (my macbook and ipod) and I even like their website. I just don't like the stores.

Oh and I forgot to mention that the steps leading down to the store are a death trap. I nearly plunged to my death several months ago when I went to the Apple store with a friend.