Monday, August 6, 2007

France Things I Love #2

Not only does Petit Bateau make the most adorable children's clothing they also make some pretty awesome items for adults as well. A perpetual wardrobe staple of mine, especially in the spring and fall are their Scallop Trim Short Sleeve Tees. These tees are 100% cotton but you would guess it because of their ability to maintain their shape and form wash after wash.

Now, these tees are relatively inexpensive here in the states going for $25 for a set of two. However, in France they are half that price!! Now that's affordability even on an assistant's salary. I definitely plan to stock one these tees and some other Petit Bateau basics whileup while I'm there.


Valerie said...

Hello from another soon-to-be assistante d'Anglais. I am so glad you posted this! My sister is expecting her first baby in January, and since, sadly, I won't be around during the first few months I was hoping to get over my guilt by buying the little one some cute baby attire à la Francais. Now I know where to start in my quest to make this kid the utmost fashionable! :)

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Hi Valerie, your new niece or nephew is going to be the most stylish tot on this side of the Atlantic thanks to you.

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