Saturday, November 10, 2007

Self Censorship

I've reached a point in my blogging where people actually read my blog which is a good thing I guess. Initially,th when I first started I had to beg a select group of friends to click on the link and browse my postings but that has since gradually changed. Now I have some friends and family members that check in on me regularly. Then there is a group of other readers out there that fit into neither category that have stumbled upon my blog at one point or another, which brings me to the topic of self censorship. How much of my experiences do I want to put out there to be read by friends, family, strangers and potential suitors? How much does what I write about or not write about have the ability to influence or alter future events? Butterfly effect anyone?

I can't answer those questions now because I enjoyed too many cocktails this evening. What I can say is that I went out this evening with Amy and some new friends and I had an absolute blast.


Anonymous said...

Je veux vous épouser I have gathered enough information from these postings to realize that you are the woman that I want to marry. I refer to myself as stalker merely as a pseudonym but know that I will soon reveal myself to you.
Vous m'inspirez !

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean, because my mother now reads my blog sometimes I do have to self censor a little bit. Having mostly strangers read it would allow more honesty than not I think. And I guess I started it for people back home but I now write for myself and for the other expats in France out there y'know?

I would love to meet in Paris btw, if not on this trip the next one, I should be back in Paris either in December or January.

L'Étrangère Americaine said...

Anonymous I think you're a friend playing a trick on me. Otherwise how would you know my other email address which isn't posted anywhere on this site?

If you're going to be an anonymous at least cover your tracks ;)

Roam2Rome said...

Ah, and this is why my family doesn't read my blog! I don't censor myself... much... there's something freeing about writing about your life as you see fit, or else what's the point? Enjoy!

eclat said...

I took down my old blog because for one, it contained a log of many memories I didn't want to be reminded of (the horror that was Montpellier), and two...because it became way too personal for me. I was encouraged to be more personal and forthright about what I was feeling and what was happening, but I immediately regretted doing so. Also, the comments/letters from the internet crazies began flooding in, as well. Very disturbing.

Not to mention, a tech-savvy date googled me online an fell upon my blog. He actually read it for a weeks without telling me, waiting to see what my feedback was and what I thought about him and who I was dating. I'm not sure of which was more disturbing for me, but eventually, all things considered and combined, I decided to simply shut down the site.

Meaning, just use caution should you decide to post anything terribly personal on your blog. I think you're doing a fine job right now...unless you're looking for writing work in the future, I think its important to maintain a distance on your blog with the reader audience (especially if your name or photos are on the site).