Saturday, November 10, 2007

Things I Have Done In Paris...

...that I would never ever do in New York (mom you probably don't want to read this):

1. Jump the turnstyle at the metro station without paying (we've already discussed this one it's really no biggie since everyone in Paris does it)
2. Accept a ride home after a night of partying from complete stranger
3. Flirt with cute boys using my eyes
4. Invite a complete stranger to a party
5. Stop beside the car of random driver after being called over and have a discussion with him and his friends (just call me a chickenhead)

...and that's just a partial list of how I have been spending my days and nights in the city of Paris.


eclat said...

I do not miss being in NYC and hearing that god-forsaken word "chick******". Particularly when it's being hurled at me when I'm stuck in Brooklyn waiting for the bus at 10 pm and DON'T respond to resentful hoodrats crammed in a compact car.

Ducky said...

Everybody jumps over the turnstile... until you do so when there is a group of RATP inspectors round the corner.

They have their favourite spots, such as in Denfert-Rochereau just after the RER/metro transfer.

There are places though where you can safefully do so - like in La Courneuve, where the turnstiles are deactivated. This is a poor immigrant neighbourhood and enforcing ticket rules there would probably be understood as "police provocation" and trigger riots.

Anonymous said...

Paris has a way of bringing out people's wild side. Its a matter of being in a foreign culture, and away from anyone who would know or see you. Can be good, can be bad...but its always fun!

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